Why Yuno Could Be Better Lead in Black Clover


Since the first arc of Black Clover, Yuno and Asta's antagonism has been the backbone of the pair's rapid advancement. The two have fought for the tit

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Since the first arc of Black Clover, Yuno and Asta’s antagonism has been the backbone of the pair’s rapid advancement. The two have fought for the title of Wizard King since they were children in Hage Village. Yuno and Asta are now working together as Magic Knights to preserve the Clover Kingdom and achieve their common objective. Have you read the manga? If not, read black clover latest manga chapter online malaysia 

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Fans may find themselves evaluating Yuno and Asta for roles and positions that neither of them would change since they are so competitive. In the perspective of Black Clover fans, Yuno may have won the award of best boy, but Asta is the main character for a purpose.



Why Not Cast The Overpowered Spellcaster As The MC In A World Where Magic Is Everything?

read black clover latest manga chapter online malaysia

Isn’t it a shame that fans are thrust into a world where magic is everything, only to be stuck with a magic-less meathead like Asta?


Asta is a fantastic protagonist, and his non-magical shenanigans are amusing, but Yuno fits into the Black Clover universe far better than Asta. Yuno would have been a terrific heroine in a world where magic is everything if Yuki Tabata hadn’t been so focused on bringing down societal hierarchies with this project.


Asta’s Anti Magic is far inferior to Yuno’s Wind Magic.


Asta didn’t fully tap on his devil’s Anti Magic and reach Yuno’s degree of action capability until the Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle storyline. Yuno’s Wind Magic has defied expectations from the start, with spectacular attack spells and unparalleled mobility.


Yuno’s match against Rill during the Royal Knights Selection Tournament demonstrated that the mage endowed with the strength of the wind spirit is always capable of putting on a display. Asta, on the other hand, is rarely given the opportunity to sail around the battlefield with much the same grace as Yuno. It isn’t until Asta meets Dante that the devil inside him truly manifests itself.


Bell Would Be Able To Introduce Magic From The Viewpoint Of A Wind Spirit Due To Yuno’s Silence.

read black clover latest manga chapter online malaysia

Yuno may not be the most chatty character, but Bell’s persistent high-pitched voice fills the time he spends trying to look cool. The wind spirit could soften it a little, but if Yuki Tabata had recounted the narrative from Yuno’s point of view, Bell could have informed viewers about the power of magic and energy long before fans learned about it from Asta’s point of view.


Asta may be a charming protagonist, but when it comes to magical powers and mana control, he’s a complete noob. Yuno could present a master class in magic to the audience that Asta will never be able to do.


Asta’s Grimoire of the Five-Leaf Clover Foreshadows The Devils’ Possibility

Asta may not be the most knowledgeable source in terms of magic, but he has a lot of experience dealing with the devils who currently threaten the Clover Kingdom. Asta is the most experienced Magic Knight when it comes to devils from the underworld, aside from Nacht, Secre, and the Silva family.


Asta’s adventure began the day he received his grimoire. The first arc of Black Clover binds Asta to a devil and sets the stage for the current arc, which fans are currently reading. In conclusion, Asta is the type of protagonist who comes late to the party, and Black Clover is the better for it.

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