What Are Email, Webmail, and Mail Servers?

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What Are Email, Webmail, and Mail Servers?


Any person that either wants to establish their online presence or anyone that wants to build their own online stores should always think about runnin

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Any person that either wants to establish their online presence or anyone that wants to build their own online stores should always think about running their own email service. That is because it is just more professional doing it this way than using another email service for the same thing.

That being said, the best web hosting companies already provide this as part of their service, but you have to make sure that the hosting provider that you fancy does provide such a thing.

In this article, I will talk more in-depth about email, webmail, and mail servers so that you will understand how they work and why they are needed for every website in this day and age.

How Your Domain Name Affects Your Email?

By now, I am assuming that you already know what an email is. The term basically means electronic mail and that is usually sent by a program or a service. Typical emails should look something like name@example.com, where ‘name’ is the local name and the ‘@example.com’ is the domain name.

It should be common sense that for you to establish your authority, it is best that you get your own email service for your website. However, there are still people that would rely on external email service for their platforms and it just looks so unprofessional.

Who would you rather trust? Someone who sent you an email from name@mydomain.com or someone who sent you an email from name@google.com?

Online business owners should always look to get their own email service so that their customers will not second-guess if you were the one who sent them an email or a scammer that claims to be a part of your company (but really isn’t).

Email Servers

So, how does email work? Well, there are two things that are needed for it to function: An email server and an email client.

An email server is basically a computer program that is installed on a server computer and that computer will run 24/7. It is the one responsible for receiving any mail that is sent to the address and it will also be the one to send the message to anyone who the message is for.

An email client is just the application that is used to view an email message. Your web browser or a dedicated email application are just some examples of this.

Email Protocols

There are two dominant email protocols that are used today. They are the POP and IMAP protocols. The former is known as the ‘Post Office Protocol’ and it basically refers to a system where the message is sent to the receiver without any records being left behind in the server.

IMAP is the newer standard and it syncs the data of all emails that it receives. You’re going to want to use this standard in your email service.


Aside from your traditional email client, another way to access your email is through webmail. This is typically offered by your web hosting company.

When you sign-in to your account, there should be a webmail link that you can click on that will send you to your built-in mailing service. Anyone who sent you an email using your company’s service will be sent to your webmail.