Unusual Side Effects of Orgasm


Unusual Side Effects of Orgasm


According to a new research published in Sexual Medicine Reviews, same sensations have indeed been recorded in scientific literature

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According to a new research published in Sexual Medicine Reviews, same sensations have indeed been recorded in scientific literature as odd side effects of the typical orgasmic reaction, which doctors refer to as “peri-orgasmic events.” According to the researchers, a normal orgasm – defined as the highest physical response to sexual stimulation – might involve whole-body and pelvic feelings, as well as flushing, elevated heart rate and blood pressure, and heavy breathing. Feelings of happiness, love, and relaxation are examples of psychological consequences. However, some physiological or psychological repercussions occur with peri-orgasm occurrences that go beyond usual reactions. Here are the eight most bizarre side effects that an orgasm can cause.


  • Hallucination

In rare circumstances, your sex prowess can transport her to another realm. According to a 2011 Turkish research, 76 to 100 percent of women who claimed to have had a “expanded sexual response” mentioned a flying experience or sense of flight. Furthermore, up to 24% reported feeling like they were entering a cartoon world, up to 75% reported feeling like they were leaving their bodies, and up to 24% reported déjà vu as a component.

  • Sickness

It’s known as post-orgasm sickness syndrome, and it’s a group of symptoms that have been recorded in males after ejaculation, including great exhaustion, intense warmth, and a flu-like feeling. Basically, your body misidentifies proteins in your own sperm as foreign invaders, causing your immune system to overreact and making you sick. Although post-orgasm sickness syndrome is difficult to diagnose, Dr. Mohit Khera, a urology professor at Baylor College of Medicine, advises that if you suspect sex is to blame for your symptoms, you should see an allergist. This can aid in the diagnosis of a sperm allergy.

  • Weakness

Orgasmolepsy, or the abrupt development of weakness associated with orgasm, was originally documented in 1928 and is most commonly associated with narcolepsy or other sleep disorders. Symptoms include a total lack of muscular control and persist for less than 30 seconds. Orgasmolepsy prevalence percentages vary by study, but one of the most powerful found it to be 22 percent among persons with sleep problems. Researchers aren’t sure what causes it, but they think amygdala firing – combined with hypocretin insufficiency, which is common in narcolepsy – is to blame.

  • Crying

Tearfulness, sad sensations, despair, anxiety, or agitation are all symptoms of postcoital dysphoria, a constellation of after-sex consequences that includes crying after intercourse. According to studies, they can show up to an hour after intercourse and are more common in established partnerships. According to a 2011 research published in the International Journal of Sexual Health, about one-third of female university students had experienced at least one symptom of postcoital distress. Dr. Lori Brotto explains that seeing your spouse weep after sex might be scary, but it could just be a physiologic reaction to the hormonal and neurological changes that occur. Alternatively, she may feel lonely once the physical closeness has passed.

  • Headache

Orgasmic headaches are classified as TWO types of headaches, meaning they are bilateral, explosive, and provoked by some form of excitement. Orgasm headaches can last anywhere from a few minutes to three hours, and they can be treated with anti-migraine medications or propranolol pre-treatment. 

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