Lots Of Games in The Market Right Now 


Various kinds of games are available and ready to play online or even offline. Playing games is one of the popular activities that people choose to fi

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Various kinds of games are available and ready to play online or even offline. Playing games is one of the popular activities that people choose to fill their spare and free time. There are many types of game genres available, everyone has their own favorite game genre, be it action-adventure, role-playing, racing game, multiplayer online battle arena, and others.


Android Games : On Phone

Android is an operating system for smartphones that is now widely used in the world. According to the Digital Marketing Research Institute, they stated that smartphone users in Indonesia only has accounted to the number of 100 million people  in 2018 . Then, the number will keep growing and increasing right? Yes, today Indonesia has become the fourth largest active smartphone user country in the world. I chose Indonesia as an example because they have a huge number of citizens and numbers of people living there. 


In addition to this point is that, Android users can also be used to download various applications that can meet daily your specific needs. One application that is currently in great demand by young people is online games. Various types of interesting games can be obtained easily.


What Can Be Played With Android Games 

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Online games are types of games that are played on a LAN network or the internet. There are various types of famous games that are currently favored by all groups, both children and adults.


In its development, the game continues to grow from time to time. From the beginning of the history of the first game to appear, the game genre is only limited to simple games such as board games or mini games. Along with the development of game consoles, the game genre is also growing. You can even play a casino game where there is Free wallet casino malaysia for you specially! 


In the era of mobile games and PC games like now, there are also many popular online games, with the MMORPG or MOBA genre, which allow many players to play together in one particular area in real-time.


Role-Playing or Role-Play Games

Role-playing games, commonly known as RPGs, have become a game genre that has developed since the 90s and has become increasingly popular with the times, especially in the era of online games. In this type of game, we will play a certain role in the game.

Some of the subgenres of role-playing games include:


  • Action RPG, a role-playing game combined with the action genre.
  • Tactical RPG, RPG game with tactical and strategy elements.
  • Sandbox RPG, RPG game with open-world elements so that players are free to explore the area.

Life Simulation Game

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Life Simulation Game is a type of game that displays human characters in carrying out daily activities. The players of this game must be able to control their characters to carry out daily human activities, such as work, shopping, studying, and other activities.


This one game is very fun because its activities cannot be separated from the daily activities of humans in the real world. In addition, the players are also required to think quickly and wisely in making a decision. For instance of this game is Sims 4.