Learning How to Play Blackjack, Made Easy


Learning How to Play Blackjack, Made Easy


Vingt-et-Un, or the game that is popularly known as Blackjack all over the world, is enjoyed by players going to online casinos and whatnot. It is a p

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Vingt-et-Un, or the game that is popularly known as Blackjack all over the world, is enjoyed by players going to online casinos and whatnot. It is a pretty easy game and that is one of the main reasons why it is the most popular casino game to date (only beaten by the slot machine and poker in terms of popularity).

People that want to make a living out of gambling would always prefer playing blackjack over other casino games mainly because they can win a lot of money just by playing this incredibly easy game.

You know that French word I said at the beginning of the article? That is actually just a French term that refers to the number 21 and that number has a huge significance to the game. Why is that? Well, that is because the main point of the game is that you win by getting the exact number or somewhere near the said value.

Play Against Dealer

Unlike other table card games, blackjack is played only against the dealer and no one else. Now, you might argue why there are other players on the blackjack table the same time as you. Well, that is because they can also play alongside you but ultimately, their cards are only compared to the strength of the dealer’s hand. So, no worries on that department for you.

When to Stand, Hit, Double, and Split

Once the cards are dealt with, each player will receive a pair of cards each. The dealer also gets the same and the good part is that one card will be revealed to you and the other is hidden (or face-down). This second card is also known as the hole card, by the way. This should give you an idea about the strength of the dealer’s cards and you can adjust accordingly and plan your actions next.

Now, there are a couple of options you can take here. If you want the game to progress the way it should, you just opt to ‘Stand’. Of course, there are situations where you might not like the cards that you are dealt with (which is fine), you can ask the dealer to give you another card by signaling that you want to ‘Hit’.

So, when can you double down then? Well, you can only double down on the first turn (after you’ve received your cards). By doubling down, you essentially double your original bet which increases the stakes. As an aside, you can also get an additional card which you can use to bolster your hand but you are only allowed to use two cards (so, you’ll have to choose one to replace the weaker card in your original hand).

The split only becomes available if you get two cards of the same value. It could be any card, 5-5, 3-3, 4-4, or just about any type of card. Heck, you can even split when you get two face cards (since each face card is equivalent to 10 points anyway).

When you split, keep in mind that you are also doubling down your bet and the reason why that is needed is so that you can craft an extra pair of cards. The one with the bigger value can be chosen, but that is entirely up to you.