Find Comedy Manga Series To Read Online Malaysia


Find Comedy Manga Series To Read Online Malaysia


With its one-of-a-kind storylines and the expansive genre that can be tailored to the interests of any reader, manga from Japan has conquered the rest

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With its one-of-a-kind storylines and the expansive genre that can be tailored to the interests of any reader, manga from Japan has conquered the rest of the world. The shounen genre is regarded as the most well-liked by manga readers, followed by the shoujo genre, the slice of life genre, the science fiction genre, and the adventure genre. Reading manga is easy now too because you are able to find comedy manga series to read online Malaysia.

Because it focuses on the heroics and adventures of the main character and follows their journey from zero to hero, the shounen genre is considered to be the most popular type of Japanese fiction. However, in addition to the shounen genre, the comedy genre is also considered to be one of the genres that manga fans would choose to read in order to relieve their stress after a long day at the office.


What is a comedy manga?

In a nutshell, anything that has to do with making the reader grin or laugh while they are reading the manga. Because the goal of comedy manga is to make readers laugh as a means of relieving tension, there is often a little emphasis placed on the story or plot in some of the most popular titles. It only means that comedy mangas are typically concentrated on humorous and ludicrous panels to serve the objective of catching the readers off guard. However, this does not mean that comedy mangas completely ignore the story plot.


Having said all of that, this article will present several comedy mangas that may be found on this blog and added to your reading list for this year.

find comedy manga series to read online malaysia


The Way of the Househusband is the kind of manga that you should read if you enjoy stories that are mostly focused on relationships within the home. This manga only recently had its anime adaptation released, which undoubtedly helped reduce the amount of boredom that people had during the mandatory quarantine in 2020.


Tatsu was a member of the Yakuza in the past, but he has successfully made the transition to becoming a househusband in recent years. People continue to misunderstand him as though he has not shed his yakuza jargon, despite the fact that he has long since left his yakuza days behind him. If you are looking for something light to read and are interested in the comic personal life of a former yakuza, this book is a good choice. Additionally, it is an easy read.


GINTAMA by Hideaki Sorachi

When you are just starting out in the comedy genre, manga is one of the standard recommendations that people will give you. Since Gintama is also available in anime form, you should definitely give it a shot even if reading isn’t your preferred method of entertainment.


Gin is a former samurai, and he and his pals have created unusual and interesting work enterprises. In these businesses, they will do their very best to fulfil the desires of their customers as completely as they possibly can. This manga is loaded with chaotic and ludicrous panels as a result of the unusual jobs that the characters embark on. One of these jobs was odd employment. It comes highly advised that you look into it!

find comedy manga series to read online malaysia

CRAYON SHIN CHAN by Yoshito Usui

Of course, we cannot forget the legendary Crayon Shin Chan by the late Yoshito Usui. Despite the manga formally ended in 2009 due to the passing of Yoshito, however, Usui’s team managed to continue his legacy by publishing New Crayon Shin Chan in the summer of 2010. 


Crayon Shin Chan is a chronicle of the misadventures of the little youngster Shinnosuke “Shin” Nohara, who gets into different shenanigans with his family and friends. Shin is a naughty little boy. Newbies new to the comedy manga genre are highly recommended to read this as it is a light read, and it will definitely make you crave more silly adventures of Shin Chan and his friends.