Downsides of Working from Home


Downsides of Working from Home


Interaction:  Many people aspire to be able to work from home. They envision themselves whizzing through duties in their beautiful home office while

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Many people aspire to be able to work from home. They envision themselves whizzing through duties in their beautiful home office while sipping a cappuccino (or herbal tea) and revelling in their newfound efficiency. After all, a home office is an oasis compared to a traditional office, and who wouldn’t get more done if they weren’t surrounded by noise and continual interruption? The bad news is that when you work from home, there are still plenty of distractions and time-wasters to cope with. Regus conducted a global study of 20,000 managers and company owners in 2017 and discovered some intriguing facts concerning the drawbacks of working from home.

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Disadvantages of Working from Home: 

  • Work vs Family Living

When working from home, the number one difficulty for 48% of respondents to the Regus poll was children or family needing attention. If you have a family, it is critical that you inform them when you are working and therefore inaccessible. It’s critical to have a fully equipped office in a separate area of the house (with the ability to close the door when necessary). In some cases, having a distinct and dedicated workplace qualifies for a tax deduction. Also keep in mind that your home office may not be a safe location for small children or dogs to play.

  • Concentration while Working at Home

The second most common concern, according to 45 percent of those polled, was difficulty concentrating on work-related difficulties. Everything from noise from family or neighbourhood activities to simply looking out the window of your home office at that gorgeous view of your lawn is a concentration killer. Others may find it difficult to believe that you’re working from home—or at least attempting to. Aside from the obvious doorbell ringers, such as salespeople and individuals collecting for charity, well-meaning neighbours may often come by, presuming you have time to speak because you haven’t travelled far for work. Family members could believe you’re available to pick up dry cleaning, walk pets, and handle a variety of other tasks.

  • Motivational Challenges 

Working from home also has the downside of requiring self-motivation and organisation. Nobody is going to come into your home office and tell you to get to work. And, unless you’re an expert at remaining focused, you could discover that working from home makes it easier to succumb to temptation. Consider that for a moment. Is it more enticing to make another sales call or to spend time with your child?


The survey’s findings are self-evident. If you want to work from home rather than merely stay at home, you’ll need to build an atmosphere that allows you to do business as usual. This involves having a well-equipped home office and structuring your work routine in a way that prevents people from interrupting you and keeps you motivated when working from home. You must be able to gently but firmly inform guests and family members that you will be unable to respond to their requirements while you are at work.However, what is more important to work from home is the internet connection. The better the internet speed, the greater the performance to work at home. So get more info on unifi Malaysia here for a better internet at your home.